Our Commitment: A Climate Positive Community

As signers of the Clinton Foundation Climate Positive Development Program, the City of Oberlin and Oberlin College are committed to reducing Oberlin’s greenhouse gas emissions below zero.

To achieve our climate positive commitment, we must as a community shift to renewable energy sources, radically improve efficiency, sharply reduce our carbon emissions, and improve our economy in the process. We will specifically work towards this goal by coordinating an Energy Planning Committee, supporting the City and College in achieving energy commitments, partnering with businesses and non-profits working in the renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors, and launching pilot projects that create tangible economic, environmental, and community benefit. In addition, in collaboration with the City's Resource Conservation and Recovery Commission, we are assisting in the development of a roadmap to become a zero waste community.

To lead Oberlin's rapid transition to a climate positive energy system, we will:

  • Guide the development and implementation of a comprehensive energy plan that is affordable, efficient, sustainable, and coordinated between the City of Oberlin and Oberlin College.
  • Facilitate the integration of policies, decision-making mechanisms, and energy infrastructure so as to maximize the environmental and economic benefits of the energy plan for all members of the community.
  • Gather information on existing and planned energy policy and use and share the findings with all stakeholders in the community.
  • Set collaborative short- and long-term objectives for emissions reductions and advocate for policies to achieve these targets.
  • Connect with and enhance existing projects on the Oberlin College campus and in the Oberlin community. Identify and address gaps, synergies, and potential conflicts.
  • Collect, research, and review best practices and energy-related proposals on behalf of stakeholders in the Oberlin community. Commit resources to and champion new energy-related projects that meet approval of stakeholders on the Committee.

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